Home security is an important and timely topic, but it’s not always easy to find a state-of-the-art system that’s both comprehensive and easy to use. Dan Cook, President of Alfred, and Brad Cook, who oversees Partner Development, appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss how their touchscreen smart lock offers a seriously chic upgrade to traditional and first-gen motorized deadbolts alike.

Ordinary key pad-operated deadbolts tend to be bulky and unattractive. While Alfred’s inner mechanisms capitalize on the best security technology currently available, the touchscreen interface and sleek, contemporary aesthetic present an appealing alternative to those old-school models. Alfred acts as a digital concierge, allowing users to program up to 20 pin codes and unlock doors via smartphone to grant access remotely. From tracking your visitors’ in and out times to visual pin protection to one-touch entry, Alfred is proving that form and functionality can happily coexist.

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