Burying utilities underground can be a smart and safe way to protect key assets that help deliver everything from water to internet, but when those utility connections are damaged, the resulting outages can be costly. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Copperhead Industries President Jeff Atwood talks about the benefits of copper-clad steel tracer wire and how his company is creating systemic change that benefits businesses and consumers alike.

Tracer wire helps workers locate underground utilities by carrying an electrical current that can be read from above. Burying utility lines isn’t a new concept, but over the years companies have jumped from material to material in hopes of inventing a tracer wire that helps track, verify and label utilities with better efficiency. Copperhead Industries‘ copper-clad steel tracer wires combine the superior conductivity of copper with a strong steel core to create a more reliable product that allows for precision locating, saving both time and money.