The invention of mobile phones boosted connectivity in some incredible ways but it has also led to issues with pinpointing the location of people in need of emergency services. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Senior VP of Strategic Relationships, Darold Whitmer and CEO, Don Ferguson discuss how NGA911 is saving lives by using location-based routing to tell first responders where to go and preparing them for what they might find when they get there.

NGA 911 is an advanced, next-generation 911 solution developed using cutting-edge technology and the input of industry experts. Outdated 911 systems challenge dispatchers to do their jobs, with regular outages putting callers at increased risk. NGA911 brings those systems into the future with lower hold times, on-site multimedia capabilities and text utilities that are revolutionizing safety protocols. With each system customized to fit individual agency needs and total infrastructure security, NGA911 is the comprehensive emergency management system communities have been waiting for.