When homeowners look to bring warmth and style into their spaces, fireplaces often provide the aesthetics they crave along with the functionality they need. Carl Spadaro, CEO of earthcore® appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss how his company is making fire better by providing fireplaces that are clean, safe and stunning to look at.

earthcore® fireplaces are constructed using a proprietary blend featuring volcanic pumice sourced from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla, a site for which the company has gained exclusive mining rights. Each piece is designed to heat quickly and exude warmth for longer while handily withstanding temperature changes and normal wear and tear, increasing efficacy and efficiency as well as longevity. Customization options include application choices, chimneys and accessories to ensure the perfect fit. Add to that stunning craftsmanship and an eye for detail and earthcore® ‘s fireplaces are a prize for commercial owners and residential customers alike.