In a world that’s perhaps more passionate about cleanliness and sanitation than ever before, families and businesses are eager to find trustworthy, effective cleaning supplies that kill germs without damaging the surfaces underneath. Lance Fox, Microban‘s Senior Director of Healthcare, Commercial & Building, and Global Vice President Michael Ruby appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss their company’s sought-after sanitization, odor-control, and disinfection solutions.

Microban‘s portfolio of products includes those created with their antimicrobial technology, as well as products formulated to provide odor control. From hotels eager to welcome guests into pristine accommodations, to restaurants and retail establishments looking for a safe way to clean high-touch surfaces, Microban’s catalog offers an effective way to eliminate dirt and odor on a microbial level without impacting the look, feel or functionality of the items being cleaned. The company also values sustainability with their clean-to-green measures helping to decrease consumer waste and create a more promising future. Microban continues to develop partnerships with other leading brands in efforts to keep our communities healthy and our surfaces clean!