The work-from-home movement is giving employees greater flexibility while driving down costs for companies who no longer have to support their entire staff on site, but the transition to a home office can be difficult if team members don’t have the resources necessary to deliver superb customer service. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, AnswerConnect CEO, Natalie Ruiz discusses the important role 24/7 live call answering services play in supporting remote workers, protecting the environment and increasing overall operational efficiency.

AnswerConnect’s virtual receptionists are available day and night to consult with customers, answer questions and represent businesses with professionalism and warmth. The inclusion of both desktop and mobile applications improves coverage and ease-of-use while engaging callers using human interaction rather than robotic automated services or canned email responses. From handling sensitive HIPAA-related information to tackling customers’ shipping woes while you’re in a meeting, AnswerConnect‘s team is equipped for tasks both large and small.