When a pet suddenly falls ill or sustains a serious injury, it’s important they receive skilled medical care as promptly as possible. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Gina Del Vecchio, CEO of SAGE Veterinary Centers, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wendi Velando Rankin discuss how their string of west coast facilities deliver care across a range of specialties, making it easier than ever for area pet owners to access the right resources for their furry family members.

SAGE Veterinary Centers focus on an end-to-end experience, meaning they take a holistic approach that addresses each patient’s entire body. Rather than referring patients to outside providers when a need for specialty care or an advanced consult arises, SAGE offers everything from dermatology to oncology to surgery in house. Urgent care is also available, with SAGE veterinarians stepping in during critical care situations to give every pet the fighting chance they deserve.