Manual invoicing is not only tedious, it’s also costly, which drains resources and prevents businesses from operating efficiently and effectively. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Biller Genie Founder & CEO Thomas Aronica and President Garima Shah discuss the many benefits of automated invoice processing and how their innovative cloud-based accounts receivable solution can help brands reclaim lost time and money.

Biller Genie is an all-in-one platform that automates the bill collection process. By taking the guesswork and hands-on requirements out of everything from invoicing to thank-you emails and incorporating scheduling capabilities and seamless client integration, Biller Genie lightens the load for small businesses while giving customers an exponentially more positive experience. For companies eager to refocus their manpower on more beneficial endeavors, partnering with Biller Genie offers an opportunity to rethink best practices while still honoring a commitment to stellar customer service.