As the internet makes consumers’ lives easier, companies are forced to evolve at record speed and find new ways to streamline operations and keep pace with technology. Showcased on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, ItsaCheckmate’s CEO & Founder Vishal Agarwal delves into the difficulties restaurants and other food-based businesses face when trying to juggle multiple digital ordering platforms.

With orders pouring in via several different provider tablets, restaurants must scramble to find physical space and create a system with which to handle the unnecessarily cumbersome setup. The stress on in-house resources can strain kitchen staff as well as customer goodwill. ItsaCheckmate seeks to streamline the process by integrating all those tablets into one system that funnels orders straight into the house POS. The result: reduced labor, reduced costs, decreased delivery time and happier customers, plus the ability to onboard additional delivery companies and widen coverage to exponentially boost income

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