With the global spotlight shining brightly on sustainability concerns and environmental issues, it’s increasingly important to find ways to prevent energy waste. KORE Power CEO & Director Lindsay Gorrill, and VP of Business Development Tom Derosa discuss how their Mark 1 Energy Storage Solution helps harvest and store renewable energy. By tucking away solar- and wind-generated power until it can be used, KORE is supporting conservation efforts and helping consumers to be less reliant on “the grid.”

The Mark 1 battery is both high voltage and remarkably dense, taking up less room and being far more cost effective than many otherwise comparable systems on today’s market. The coordinated modules are thoughtfully designed to be intuitive and fully scalable, fueling homes and small cities with ease. Thanks to the Mark 1 and other similar efforts, KORE Power is working hard to make large-scale energy storage projects a reality, pushing communities far and wide toward a more efficient, reliable and sustainable future.