Manual quality control has long been considered standard in the food industry and beyond, but it’s also incredibly time consuming, adding to company overhead and ultimately raising prices for consumers. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Qcify CEO Raf Peeters shares his insights into the state of the food industry and how automating quality control can help bolster food supply channels and prevent businesses from crumbling under the weight of rising labor costs.

Qcify’s fully automated 3D vision system analyzes products to ensure items are consistently meeting predetermined quality standards. Rather than relying on the subjectivity of human opinion, tech-driven quality control generates highly accurate reports that are as reliable as they are comprehensive. Qcify’s method is infinitely faster, too, speeding up testing to help streamline production, improve inventory management and get approved, trustworthy products into the hands of consumers at prices the public can afford.

To watch the extended interview with Qcify CEO Raf Peeters and to learn more about the company’s efforts surrounding COVID-19, be sure to visit their Brand Showcase Page!