Not all that sparkles is truly special, but one company has a reputation for hand-selecting diamonds that go far beyond a mere twinkle, with exquisite examples representing almost every color of the rainbow. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Bruno Scarselli, an International Diamond Expert and Partner at Scarselli Diamonds, discusses how his company’s collection of ultra-luxe fancy-colored diamonds is setting the standard for high-quality jewels.

Scarselli Diamonds has been treating the world to breathtaking diamonds in a wide array of stunning colors for more than half a century. Their catalog is carefully curated to include precious stones in vivid shades of yellow, blue, and pink encompassing a multitude of shapes and sizes. Signature pieces include bold statement rings with diamonds in double-digit carat weights, jaw-dropping earrings featuring a multitude of dazzling diamonds and other pieces expertly crafted to show off each gem’s natural beauty while creating a wearable work of art.