When you’re sitting on a gold mine, one of the most important assets you can have is someone trustworthy to help explore your options and protect your rights. One company is proving that exceptional customer service, ethical business practices and sound financial dealings really can coexist. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Bellatorum Resources Founder, President, & CEO Chris Bentley discusses the complex yet highly exciting world of mineral rights and oil and gas royalties.

Bellatorum Resources assists clients with everything from mineral rights acquisition to right-of-way services and curative title work. The goal is to help land and mineral owners understand the value of their property and how to capitalize on those assets while also making licensing, leasing and other processes as efficient and successful as possible. As a veteran-owned and operated firm, Bellatorum Resources brings integrity, transparency and professionalism to the forefront, helping individuals diversify their portfolios and feel good about the results.