As more and more businesses begin to rely on the power of the cloud to fuel innovation, connectivity and growth, there’s a similarly expanding need for technological expertise. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Techolution CEO and Owner, Luv Tulsidas discusses how his company is helping clients realize their potential in the new digital economy. From cloud migration and automation to the internet of things to CX/UX optimization, the Techolution team specializes in building and executing managed services and technology solutions.

Businesses just launching their internal digital transformation benefit from the team’s experience in creating cost-effective, user-friendly infrastructures, while companies with established systems can take advantage of upgrades and new software implementations that boost productivity while remaining cost effective. It all comes together under an umbrella of incredible customer service. By putting a friendly face on tech consulting and emphasizing transparency and client satisfaction, Techolution is changing the face of the digital future. Don’t forget to check out their six month FAQ showcase on the Worldwide Business kathy ireland® social channels now through October 2020!